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Toilet Roll

Toilet roll is a tricky one! We all want comfort and something that is effective. Traditional toilet paper comes packaged in plastic and the processes involved in creating the product can have a devastating impact on the environment. Most toilet roll is made using virgin wood pulp leading to the need for large areas of forest to be cut down. This product is then flushed away moments after use.

These factors led me to investigate recycled toilet paper however I found those from the supermarket still came wrapped in plastic. Through friends I discovered ‘Who Gives A Crap’ (WGAC) and then online I found ‘The Cheeky Panda’. These are just a couple of the companies now offering plastic-free alternatives to traditional toilet roll. Both can be ordered in bulk which is great if you have the space to store large quantities. WGAC offers recycled and bamboo options individually wrapped in paper. The Cheeky Panda offers bamboo toilet roll without any individual packaging.

Bamboo is considered a more sustainable option. It can help prevent soil erosion and help to improve soil quality provided it is grown in ethical ways. Also, it grows at a much quicker rate and converts carbon dioxide at a higher rate than traditional hardwood.

Going forward we will continue to investigate and find the best option for us. Open to recommendations and suggestions of companies and sources to try.

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