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Cloth Period Pads

October 2020 marks a year since I began introducing washable pads into my monthly period routine.

I started with a tester pack from TCS Eco and a couple of other pads from different brands the first month - just 6 pads to see what I thought. These are an investment product so I didn't want to go out and spend a fortune if I didn't like them or they didn't work for me.

I quickly found I loved the ones from TCS Eco. They just felt more comfortable and didn't leave me feeling hot or sweaty and they stayed in place.

Here we are a year on and you can see my stash of pads has grown considerably 😂 It wasn't until a few months ago that I managed to have my first completely washable pad cycle with a wash mid way through. Now I can get through a whole cycle and just wash once at the end making it much less pressured.

I have built up my pads by getting a couple here and there. Sometimes picking from the options on the website to get custom pads. At other times I have bought from the TCS Eco FB group's Sunday sales where they offer pre-made pads ready to be shipped, sometimes they are seconds with a slight discount.

I now have a selection of 8 inch liners, 9 inch regular and heavy pads and 10 inch night pads. I mainly have Cotton jersey toppers but I also have a couple of Bamboo velour. These pads are designed to last around 6-7 years with monthly use so even though they are not completely plastic free (due to poppers and windpro backing) they are not single use and are a much better option than disposables.

I currently store them in a basket which is overflowing. After use, I store in a wet bag. At the end of my cycle, I give them a quick rinse before washing on a cold cycle to reduce staining.

This is one of the best swaps I have made and is now just a part of my routine (I even used them when camping this summer).

Have you made the switch to more sustainable period products?


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