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Shaving soap and brush

To go with my new safety razor, I needed some shaving soap and a brush for easy application. I wanted to avoid shaving gel or foam in an aerosol due to the packaging. I started to investigate different options.

The first one I tried smelled good but did not seem to stay foamy for long therefore I had to keep reapplying after every couple of strokes which meant the whole process took a very long time.

I have now been using a vegan shaving soap from ‘Wild Sage + Co’ for a couple of weeks. It works great. It comes in a metal tin which is terrific for storage and for when you are using it. The shaving soap contains no palm oil, preservatives, parabens or fragrances and is made in the UK.

I use the soap with the ‘Wild Sage + Co’ vegan shaving brush. The brush has a wooden handle and synthetic bristles rather than animal hair however this product should last a long time if care is taken with it. It is also made in the UK.

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