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This must be the scariest of swaps that I have made. Before switching, I read a large amount of information and watched lots of videos on how to use them safely. I would recommend anyone considering the switch to do the same. It is helpful to know some of the key points of difference when in comes to using a safety razor such as angle to hold, amount of pressure and how to prep the skin. This market can also be a little daunting as it is often aimed at male shaving but this is changing.

There a couple of factors to consider when selecting a razor, such as how the blades are held, the type and length of the handle and the materials it is made with. A safety razor is an investment swap but there is a good selection of products out there within a range of price brackets.

I selected the beautiful Reusable Stainless-Steel Razor in Rose Gold from ‘Zero Waste Club’ which comes with 10 blades to get you started. I was a convert after my first try. More time and care are needed than using a disposable with the normal type of blade cartridge but I was amazed by the difference in the result. It was an amazing shave and I did not cut myself! Admittedly I missed a few patches on my first go (mainly around my knees) but every time I use it, I am getting more confident and quicker. I have made my shaving time part of my self care routine.

The razor itself came in a cardboard box and the blades come in wax paper. There was no plastic at all. When it comes to changing your blades, the old ones can be collected in a metal tin which can then be safely recycled. The replacement blades are also way cheaper than the cartridges needed for a normal razor.

Be brave and make the change - you won't regret it.

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