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Washing Up Liquid

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As a family of four we create a lot of washing up! Much of it goes in the dishwasher but as it is slimline not everything fits in so we still have a reasonable amount of dishes to wash by hand.

We haven’t gone completely plastic free with washing up liquid but we have tried to find a more sustainable option. Splosh is a company that offers refillable cleaning products. You can order a bottle (or use your own) which can be refilled. The refills come in pouches which contain a concentrate which you mix with water in the bottle. When the refill pouch is empty you send it back to Splosh who recycle the pouches into new products.

We have been impressed by the cleaning power of the washing up liquid. Using this product reduces the number of plastic bottles that need to be recycled as the pouches contain 3 refills. There are 3 different fragrances of washing up liquid - lime, pomegranate and grapefruit. The refill works out at £1.65 a bottle which reduces to £1.48 if you opt for a subscription.

There are other alternatives which are plastic free such as going to a refill store, dish washing soap bars or powder. We may consider these in the future but for now we are happy with our current choice.

If you are interested in trying out Splosh products you can get a 15% discount on a minimum spend of £15 using the code RQ1V9VVJ14 (I will earn a £3 credit when this code is used).

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