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Reusable wipes

Baby wipes are an essential when you have children. However, they generally come in plastic packaging and the wipes themselves often contain a certain amount of plastic. Often labelled as being flushable this is in fact not a good idea as they do not break down in the same way as toilet tissue. This misinformation can lead to people believing they are ok to flush resulting in issues such as 'fatbergs' in the sewer system where they build up and cause blockages. Increasingly there are better options out there and I began using reusable wipes with my oldest 6 years ago.

Reusable wipes are fabric squares that are washable. They come in a selection of materials and colours. We had two sets from ‘Cheeky Wipes’ – one for bottom and one for everything else. They can be pre-soaked with essential oils or wet just before use. After use they can be washed with your normal washing or along with cloth nappies if you are using them.

You can buy pre-made kits to get you started or you could make your own. Cloth wipes are gentler and kinder to the skin and we always found they did a much better job than normal baby wipes. Even though the children are aged 3 and 6 we are still using the 'everything else' wipes. The bottom wipes are still in a really good condition and I will look to pass these on to someone else to get some more use from them.

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