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Clothes Pegs

This is a swap that we have yet to make. We have quite a large number of plastic clothes pegs that we have built up over the years (before I was more conscious of our plastic use). These have lasted quite a number of years, so not really a single use item but many of them will still end up in landfill as they won't last forever.

Some of our pegs have recently started to break due to the plastic shattering. This has led me to think about how we replace them. Even though these plastic pegs have lasted a while I want to make sure their replacements will not leave plastic waste in the future.

Through my research I have found a few different options - wooden, bamboo and stainless steel pegs.

The wooden option I found were made from FSC wood, which can be composted when not no longer needed, with a degradable steel spring, packaged in a recycled cardboard box. They are strong and durable in UV conditions. These seem like a good option at a reasonable price.

The bamboo option I found appear strong and long-lasting. They claim they will not stain your clothes like other types of wood due to having low tannin. They are completely biodegradable and the steel spring can be recycled. As I have mentioned before bamboo is a more sustainable material as it grows quickly and is efficient at converting CO2 from the air and produces more O2 than trees. Again they seem reasonably priced.

The Stainless steel option I found offered a rustproof, heat and frost resistant peg made from one piece of stainless steel that is recyclable. These look like a good option in terms of longevity however they were quite expensive and not practical for out budget right now.

In terms of a final decision I am currently leaning more towards the bamboo option. I would love to hear what other people have decided to use instead of plastic.

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