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Washing Up Gloves

I cannot wash up without gloves! I like to have the water too hot for hands to go in, meaning the constant need for washing up gloves. Due to the mix of materials used to make them they go in the bin when they reach the end of their life along with the plastic packaging. There are a few ways the gloves can be repurposed such as making rubber bands, no slip grips that can be added to things such as broom tips. However, there are only so many of these that are needed so I was keen to search for an alternative.

Recently, I discovered ‘If You Care’ Natural Rubber Household Gloves which I bought from Plastic Freedom. They are made from FSC Certified latex meaning the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. The gloves are 100% latex so nothing is mixed in meaning once the gloves are no longer useable, they can be put in the compost bin, all you need to do is cut them into small pieces with scissors. This is quite a new switch for me but so far, they seem good. The gloves are a good thickness and come in 3 sizes. I have the medium which is a little on the snug size so I would probably opt for Large next time.

The gloves come in a recycled cardboard box. They are also 100% vegan.

For more information on Fair Rubber check https://www.fairrubber.org/english/

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