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Toddle Sun & Wind Balm Review

As family that easily burns in the sun, finding the right sunscreen is essential. So, balancing this need and our desire to reduce our plastic use has been tricky. The level of protection offered is the most important factor for us, as is the cost of the product. There are a few plastic free sunscreens out there, so I had to do a lot of reading and talking to others to find something suitable.

The NHS recommends using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 this helps protect against UVB (ultraviolet B radiation) and at least 4-star UVA (ultraviolet A radiation). SPF 50+ is the strongest UVB protection available and 5 stars is the highest UVA protection.

Through Instagram I found Toddle, a UK based company started by a mum and former Armed Forces officer to develop products to protect her son’s sensitive skin. They offer a Sun & Wind Balm with SPF 50+ and 5-star UVA protection. The balm is a natural, vegan product offering good levels of water resistance. It is a mineral sunscreen which means there is no need for chemicals like Oxybenzone (which is toxic to coral reefs). It is also perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or parfums. The Sun & Wind Balm is designed to be used all year round to protect against both the suns rays and the wind. It is packaged in fully recyclable sugarcane bioplastic tubes. The 100ml tube costs £9.99 from https://toddlebornwild.com/shop/sun-and-wind-balm/

I made the decision to give it a try. I loved that it came simply packaged in a compostable bag and wrapped in tissue paper with a handwritten note from Hannah the founder. Unfortunately, the weather turned wet and miserable just after it arrived (sorry!) so we didn’t get to try it out straight away. Thankfully, the weather improved in time for our camping trip meaning the perfect opportunity to test out the Sun & Wind Balm.

During the camping trip all four of us used the balm (two adults, one 6-year-old and an almost 4-year-old). The weather was mixed between quite warm sunshine and short sharp showers with a reasonable level of wind.

We were impressed with the consistency of the sunscreen and how easy it was to apply. It was a thick liquid that gave good coverage but was easy to rub in and it didn’t leave you with a greasy or sticky feeling, my hubby was particularly impressed as this is something he finds frustrating with other sunscreens. The 6-year-old commented on the lovely smell that the balm had, and I agree it does smell nice.

During this trip none of us experienced any sun or wind burn. I hope to be able to test this further but currently the weather is not allowing for this! I definitely feel confident in using this product again.

Some shots from a home application - showing even an almost 4-year-old can rub it in with just a little assistance at the end.

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