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Reusable water bottle

Single use plastic bottles are one of the biggest polluters, causing damage to the environment. Plastic never fully decomposes therefore recycling plastic when possible is important as it reduces the need for new plastic to be produced.

As an alternative you can make sure you carry your own reusable bottle when you go out and about. When you are out there are increasingly places where you can refill your own bottle.

There are a variety of options available for reusable bottles in terms of size, design and materials used. What is best for you will depend on your budget and requirements.

We currently have reusable plastic bottles. These work for us for now and we have had them a while and I believe they will last a little longer still.

If these bottles need replacing in the future I will look to source bottles made from more sustainable materials. Metal bottles would be easier to recycle when they are no longer usable but these can be a bit of an investment product. Another option would be a bamboo bottle that would completely degrade.

It is not recommended that you reuse single use plastic bottles repeatedly because of the potential for some chemicals to leach from the bottle with repeated use. Also if these types of bottles are not thoroughly washed in hot soapy water and fully dried there is a risk that bacteria may

The best option is to choose a bottle that is designed to be reused.

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