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Reusable Face Pads

Make-up remover wipes and single use cotton face pads generally come in plastic so reusable face pads are a great switch. They are great for cleansing and are gentle on your face. Once used place in a small laundry bag and wash in a normal load. With heavier staining some stain remover may be needed to help with cleaning. Drying on the line with sunlight will also help to reduce any staining.

I find reusable pads do an even better job than single use ones. My cleanser is still in a plastic bottle as I am using up an existing product I was given but I hope to replace this with a plastic-free cleanser when finished. I use a toner on the pads that comes in a glass bottle with a metal lid.

You can get both round and square ones with different patterns or plain. Mine are from the fabulous ‘Ediebees’, a lovely friend of mine who makes beautiful clothes and a great selection of reusable items using a wonderful selection of fabrics.

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