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Nail Brush

This was quite a simple swap. When our old plastic nail brush was looking pretty past its best I searched for an alternative and found a natural nail brush from ‘Eco Living’. It is made from natural renewable materials with plant-based bristles.

The body of the brush is made with FSC® certified beech wood and the bristles are made from Tampico Fiber, which is made from a plant unique to the semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico.

Eco Living offer a double sided nail brush and a smaller single sided children’s one which has a cute little animal design on it. They are both biodegradable and compostable when they reach the end of their useable life.

We have the larger size one and it works well, the bristles are quite tough to start with but they seem to soften the more we use it.

Eco Living is a wholesale company so there products can be found on a range of different sites. I bought mine from Plastic Freedom. This is a great company that offers a growing selection of plastic free products.

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