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Metal Straws

My girls love drinking from straws! So, when we go out it is difficult to get them to say no to a straw if they know one is one offer.

There are several different options when it comes to straws. You can get paper, bamboo and metal straws.

I went with some metal straws with removable silicone tips from ‘Silver Sips’. There were 8 straws in total, 4 straight and 4 bent. They come in a little canvas bag with a brush to aid cleaning, they are also dishwasher safe. The girls love drinking from them and switching the colours of the tips around. We use them at home and carry with us when out and about just in case. These straws will last many years and uses saving on hundreds of plastic straws I am sure.

Recently I bought some collapsible metal straws from Zero Waste Club as gifts for my daughter's teachers. These come individually in a travel case with a key ring clip making them great for carrying around. Due to the way they collapse you can also adjust the height of them to suit the size of glass you are using at the time.

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