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Dishwasher tablets

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Modern dishwashers can be more energy efficient and use less water than dish washing by hand. However, dishwasher tablets often come individually wrapped and in a plastic bag or sometimes a box. As a growing family we began using the dishwasher more frequently meaning a lot of plastic waste.

In 2018, we began using a company called Splosh for many of our household cleaning products and I was pleased when they released plastic free dishwasher tablets. Initially you can order these with a tin for storage which is very handy as the tablets do have a slightly strange smell as they are unscented. After that you order refills which come just in a cardboard box which is delivered through your letterbox. If you order on a subscription basis the price is reduced slightly. The subscription is simple to use and you can change the frequency and delivery dates very easily.

We have been extremely impressed with the job they do. The dishes come out smelling and looking clean. They work out a similar price to branded tablets which is a little more than what we had been paying for the supermarket own brand. For me, the difference in the amount of plastic is a huge factor that swayed me to use them.

If you are interested in trying out Splosh products you can get a 15% discount on a minimum spend of £15 using the code RQ1V9VVJ14 (I will earn a £3 credit when this code is used).

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