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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate code, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you use the code included to make a purchase from the recommended site.

Sourcing plastic free foods can be a little tricky. These products are not normally available in most supermarket stores. However, there are an increasing number of specialist shops opening on high streets but not every town or village may have one. Therefore, the next option would be online. There are an increasing number of options in terms of online food companies. One I have started using is Cero and I have been really impressed with their service.

They have a good range of products available and even have a form on their site for you to request other products. I have used this, and they now source the items I requested – amazing!

My first order consisted of Milk chocolate coated raisins, Black peppercorns, Berry Berry muesli, Banana chips, Dried apricots, Paprika, Turmeric, Basmati rice and Arborio rice.

My most recent order contained Seedless sultanas, Cornflour, Raisins, Baking powder, Bicarbonate of soda, Dried apricots, Popcorn, Basmati rice, White chocolate coated raspberries, Arborio rice and Oregano.

The herbs come in a recyclable carboard box with a home compostable bag inside. For other products you can choose between a biodegradable pouch or cotton produce bags. The pouches can be composted at home and will biodegrade to compost in 3 months. If you don’t have access to compost you can send the pouches back to them and they will compost them! You can reuse the cotton bags at home.

You can select quantities from 100g to 1kg depending on your requirements and storage availability. The herbs come in boxes of given quantities; this is shown on the product page.

Once I get the items, I put them into containers for storage. I have a real mix of different containers – I haven’t bought specific containers for this; I’m just using what I have at home. I have some proper storage containers that I bought several years ago. I have also started saving glass jars and using these, they are a perfect size for many of the dried food items. Take away containers are another great option for storage. They stack well and it saves them from being thrown away. Currently I am one container short for my Bicarbonate of Soda, I have a few jars that are nearly empty so for now I will keep it in the pouch and transfer it as soon as I have a jar available.

The pouches come with a lovely little label that gives the necessary product details. These could be stored with your items to ensure you have the information. I have written on my jars and containers what they contain and what the Best before or use by date is.

I love the convenience of Cero. I can order a good range of items and they are delivered direct to my door. I highly recommend checking them out. Use the code 'Gemma10'* and recieve a discount across the site.

* This is an affiliate code, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you use the code to make a purchase from the recommended site.

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