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Small Sustainable Swaps

Nothing Sustained, Nothing Gained.


About Small Sustainable Swaps

Started in 2020 as a way to share small swaps that everyone can make to live more sustainably. The focus is on swapping from disposable plastics to more sustainable options. Longer term, investment swaps will also be considered. I am still learning and making changes. I want to share my experiences to help you learn more about how you can make an impact and reduce your plastic waste.

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I believe the first step to living a more sustainable life is learning. It is important to understand what the problems are and how best to make changes. It can be difficult to know where to begin so reading, listening and watching information will help you start to make the changes. I am continuing to read and learn to ensure I am making the most appropriate and sustainable swaps.


Small Sustainable Swaps is designed to help you make changes to the amount of disposable plastic that you use. Start slowly, replacing products as needed. The idea is for these swaps to not only be sustainable for the environment but sustainable for you. Some of the swaps will involve reusing and repurposing products that you already own.

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I believe sharing your experiences and swaps is the best way to encourage others to make small sustainable swaps too. This is the main reason I started this website. Many people making small changes will have a big impact. Sharing the message will help to increase the number of people making changes and therefore increasing the impact. I would love to hear what changes you have made too.


Do Your Part

I believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact on the environment.

There are many meaningful ways you can help. Have an idea that hasn't been suggested here?

Reach out to my Instagram account @gem_eco_arky and let me know.



Learn about changes.



Make the changes.

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Share your changes.



Made a sustainable swap? Have a suggestion? Contact me through my email or Instagram account @gem_eco_arky

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